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Tọa độ: 46°06′08″B 5°55′52″Đ / 46,1022222222°B 5,93111111111°Đ / 46.1022222222; 5.93111111111

Vulbens là một xã trong tỉnh Haute-Savoie thuộc vùng Rhône-Alpes đông nam Pháp.

Vulbens is located 20 kilometres southwest of Geneva, on the hills of the Vuache. Vulbens has a border with Switzerland, the commune of Chancy. Other neighbouring municipalities are Chevrier, Pougny, Valleiry, Viry và Dingy-en-Vuache.

Vulbens was part of the former province Genevois of the Duchy of Savoy.

Templars moved in 1196 to Vulbens, near the place called "Port of the Isles" (near Collogny) and controlled the passage of the Rhone by people crossing by ferry Traille. The area of the Knights Templar later became the property of the hospital and then was transformed into a farm to the Revolution. Today, riding stables, the only visible remnant of his past is a portal which is engraved on the cross of Malta on the keystone.

During the French Revolution, the Savoy region was conquered by France and Vulbens became attached to the département of Léman, of which capital was Geneva. After the Bourbon Restoration in 1815, it was returned to the Kingdom of Sardinia (heir of the Duchy of Savoy). When Savoy was annexed to France in 1860, it became part of the new département of Haute-Savoie.

Below, the demographic evolution of the village of Vulbens ordered by date of census 1793 to 2005.

The inhabitants of Vulbens are called the Vulbanaises and Vulbanais

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